At Tanau Caernarfon Fires, North Wales we not only sell a variety of wood only & multi-fuel stoves but we also carry out the installation and any services required.

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Stoves on Display


Dik Geurts

Dik Geurts - The Ivar 8 Stove

  • Dik Geurts - The Ivar 8 stove


Dik Geurts - Soren 5 Stove

  • Dik geurts - soren 5 Stove

Dik Geurts - Aste 5 Stove

  • Dik Geurts - Aste 5 Stove

Dik Geurts - The Kalle

  • dik-geurts-the-kalle

Dik Geurts - The Lars 1000 with top Oven

  • dik-geurts-the-lars-1000

Taurus 400 Stove

Willow Classic

  • 250423-willow-classic
  • 250423-tarus-400


Introducing To Our Showroom Display -

The Firecracker Range.

These stoves are exclusive to approved retailers with showroom display models only.
For a budget stove, the Firecrackers are robust, highly efficient and easy to operate and will fit in well in most homes. The large Firecracker offers a superb view of the flickering flames, the smaller Firecracker whilst still offering a generous view of the flames, is more suited to a smaller fireplace.

  • 130423-mi-fires

GB Town & Country Fires

The Little Thurlow SC Eco in a Moss Green Finish

  • 170322-ondisplay-1

The Pickering SC Eco Wood Burning Stove

  • 170322-ondisplay-2

The Saltburn SC Eco with Log Store in a Honey Glow Brown Finish

  • 170322-ondisplay-3

Oak Leaf Stoves

Cedar 5kW stove by Oak Leaf Stoves

  • oakleaf-stoves


Dunsley Heat - Avance 500 Stove

  • 300921-dunsley-heat-avance-500-stove


Highlander 3SG Enviro-burn Stove

  • 300921-highlander-3sg-enviro-burn-stove


Highlander 5SG Enviro-burn Stove

  • 300921-highlander-5sg-enviro-burn-stove

Westfire Stoves

Uniq 18

  • 160921-uniq-18

Uniq 37 Pedestal

  • 160921-uniq-37-pedestal

Apple Pie Range  

Apple Core Stove

  • 050821-apple-core-stove

Clock Range

Clock Blithfield 5 Stove

  • 050821-clock-blithfield-5-stove

Clock Sudbury Wood Only Stove

  • 050821-clock-blithfield-wood-only-stove

The Clock Brocksford CS5 Wood Only Stove

This modern take on the classic log burner, With its contemporary look and multiple colour options its a great addition to any home thats looking for the warmth and ambience of a real wood burner while inkeeping with the home.

  • 020721-clock-brocksford

Castle Bespoke Cast Iron Radiators

We have a display of cast iron radiator segments at our showroom

  • 150421-castle-bespoke-cast-iron-radiators

Focus Oak Beams

We have a variety of Oak Beam samples available to view as well as an oak shelf and no-combustable beam on display.

  • 150421-focus-oak-beams

Mi Derwent


Mi Derwent 5kw Stove

  • 150421-mi-derwent-5kw-stove

Henley Stoves

The Aran stove in an Enamel French Grey Finnish

  • 130421-henley-stoves-aran-grey

The Aran stove suits both traditional and contemporary builds.. with both matte and enamel finishes, it allows you to choose what is best suited for your space.Seen here in a French Grey Enamel Finish.

Clock Range

Clock Blithfield 5 Compact

  • 180121-clock-blithfield-compact-5

Clock Blithfield 8

The Clock Blithfield 8 in a beautiful Forest Green Colour Finish with Brass Fittings.


  • 180121-clock-blithfield-8
  • clock-blithfield-8-2

Mendip Range

Loxton 5

  • 180121-loxton-5

Churchill 10

  • 180121-churchill-10



Apple Pie Range

Baked Apple Stack

  • 180121-applepie-stack


Peanut Range

Peanut 3

  • 180121-peanut-3




Saltfire Range

ST1 Vision

  • 180121-saltfire-st1-vision


  • 180121-st-x5

Oak Stoves Range

Mighty Oak

  • 180121-mighty-oak


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