At Tanau Caernarfon Fires, North Wales we not only sell a variety of wood only & multi-fuel stoves but we also carry out the installation and any services required.

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Kamado Grills & Pizza Ovens

Henley Stoves - The Lunar Range of Pizza Ovens

Flare 12 Gas Fired & Venice Wood Fired

Cook 12” pizza’s, flatbreads, roasted vegetables, fish meat & much more -

Price: £399.00 inc VAT

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Kamado Grill Offer - 

Celebrating 70 Years of Royal Service

The Kamado grills (21", 23" and 27" sizes) are ideal for garden gatherings and street parties to help celebrate Her Majesty’s historic reign.
Huge discounts on these versatile ceramic Kamado grills available.
Offer ends on 2nd June 2022.

Kamado Grills -

Mi-Fire Kamado Grills will let you prepare your food by means of slow cooking, grilling, baking or smoking, the Grill allows you to achieve the perfect results by combining the advantages of a classic grill with those of a stone oven.
(Available sizes from 13inch - 24inch)

Contact us or visit the showroom to place an order for a Kamado Grill

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Pizza Ovens

Create restaurant quality pizzas at home! It is portable and lightweight and is also eco-friendly using sustainably sourced wood pellets. The Piccolo heats to 500C° in just 10 minutes and cooks pizzas in 60 seconds. The set includes oven, wood pellet burner, cordierite stone baking board, pizza peel, detachable chimney and height adjustable retractable legs.

Contact us or visit our showroom to place an order for a Piccolo Pizza Oven.

Aduro Pizza Ovens


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